Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Currently being touted on a number of entertainment and cinema blogs is a 20 minute Vimeo documentary about all of Stanley Kubrick's "unmade" films, called Lost Kubrick. The only problem is... they're all dead-linked! They lead to pages that say "video not found" and other such frustrating missives. So, after a little digging around, I managed to find the damn thing on Open Culture (a great site any day of the week, to be sure).

Oh, and it also happened to be on Youtube. So you can watch it here. Enjoy!

PS - The doc is actually kind of slight and fluffy, and certainly not comprehensive in any way. The ultimate online resource for Kubrick's unmade work remains this incredibly thorough, six-page article at IndyWire's superlative blog, The Playlist. Truly a smorgasbord of links and information for the Kubrick fanatic in you!

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