Thursday, September 11, 2014


Today's edition of the right-wing propaganda vector website The Drudge Report (September 11, 2014) features a Kubrick reference by way of an image from 2001: A Space Odyssey used to illustrate a Yahoo News story about stem cells being "reset" in order to study the very beginnings of humans' evolutionary development. The image in question does not appear in the Yahoo News story.

Point of interest: Matt Drudge has a long history of interest in Stanley Kubrick. Some of his earliest stories, back when he was still a celebrity gossip sheet operating via email and Usenet, were Kubrick-related. In fact, I recall personally contacting Drudge over a story he ran back in 1995 insinuating that Kubrick was at death's door. When I emailed him to see if he would part with more information "off the record", he sent me a one-word reply: "Cancer." Of course, Kubrick would die four years later due to heart failure at age 70.

This is how today's visual hat-tip looked in context...

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