Thursday, September 11, 2014


From the fifth episode of the third season of Comedy Central's Upright Citizens Brigade sketch-improv series, we get a rare Eyes Wide Shut reference during a scene featuring Amy Poehler's character in a relationship with a "Mole Man" played by Matt Walsh. The sketch begins at the 9:25 mark, and the reference comes at 10:44, when Amy and the Mole Man are in bed together. 

The Mole Man wakes up in a huff, and the following argument ensues...

MOLE MAN: Aargh!
AMY: What's wrong, Mole Man?
MOLE MAN: I can't do this anymore!
AMY: Is this about Eyes Wide Shut?
MOLE MAN: Itchy! Itchy!
AMY: I just didn't think it was among Kubrick's better movies, baby! I'll see it again if you want to!

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