Friday, May 11, 2018


Loudwire has put together a list of 12 killer tunes that were inspired by the Stanley Kubrick classic film of the Anthony Burgess novel A Clockwork Orange. So if you've got Spotify, you can use this playlist right here...

If you DON'T have that app, no worries. You can find all of the above songs at the link... with the added bonus that most of them have videos with visual elements that are also taken directly from the film! Some of the selections will be a surprise, while some will be obvious. But, as the website notes:
Be it the novel or the cine, countless musicians have been inspired by A Clockwork Orange. From lyrics to costumes to artwork, these artists have found a way to take a timeless masterpiece and turn it into their own work of art. Below, you can find ten rock songs that have been influenced by A Clockwork Orange, as well as tons of spoilers for those who have not yet viddied or read it, so proceed with caution!
Here's my favorite of the bunch (and it's a late addition, making the playlist but not the article):

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