Saturday, September 30, 2017


When I first heard about Derek Taylor Kent's novel, Kubrick's Game, I have to admit to feeling a complicated mixture of curiosity, interest, and profound self-loathing. The curiosity and interest had obvious causes... I'm a life-long and devoted Kubrick fanatic, in love with most of his movies and fascinated by the minutia of his life's story (as chronicled in my early blog posts, Confessions of a Kubrick Nut, Parts One, Part Two, and Part Three in 3D). But whence this negativity? 

Most likely, it probably stemmed from the fact that I've long wanted to try writing a "Kubrick novel" of my own, and I've been too damn lazy and/or procrastination-bound to work up the gumption to actually DO IT, goddamn it. 

Anyway, I've recently heard good things about Kent's book, so I went ahead and ordered it. I'll write a review and publish it here as soon as I've read it, but in the meantime, enjoy this recent interview with Kent, published at 

Here are the interview's pre-amble, followed by the first question and (surprising to me!) answer:

Sometimes a book hits all your interests all at once, and there's really nothing else quite like it out there. The key to Kubrick's Game is that it is filled with startling plot twists, and almost every chapter ends with a 'cliffhanger,' so you have to keep reading to see what will happen next. On the whole, the story is compelling and interesting, despite my workman-like appreciation for Kubrick’s films. It reads like a high-end Da Vinci Code (better yet, think a cinephiles Ready Player One) but is built with both greater complexity and subtlety. Twist after twist, revelation after revelation, the plot becomes a tangled net of intrigue as the characters race toward a showdown where truths and identities are shockingly uncovered. A must read for any Kubrick fan. 
BSR: Do you believe in any conspiracy theories? 
KENT: In terms of Stanley Kubrick conspiracy theories, I believe the theory that holds the most weight is that he had something to do with the Apollo 11 moon landing or at least that something was fishy about it. I wouldn't go as far as to say the whole thing was faked, but as is detailed in the book, let's just say I would not be surprised if what the world saw on television wasn't what actually happened,

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