Sunday, March 19, 2017


I recently ran across this brief interview with the unforgettable Sue Lyon, titular star of Kubrick's version of Nabokov's novel Lolita, conducted in Europe during an international roadshow tour for the movie, which would go on to become a worldwide box office hit. Something I learned from this exchange is that Lyon at one time had a seven year contract with Harris-Kubrick Productions.

This video set me off in search of more recent interviews, and I came across this one, titled "In Search of Lolita", conducted with a French TV channel in 1987, by which time Lyon hadn't made a film since Lewis Teague's Alligator, seven years previous. Her memories of James Mason are particularly warm and lovely. Not so her experience with the reporter who once asked if her brother had committed suicide because she'd performed in such a controversial film.

And... that's it, unfortunately. The above video appears to be the most recent video of Sue Lyon available, and she's sworn off interviews entirely, whether on video or in print. The most recent photograph I could find of her is a paparazzi shot from 2010, dug up by Stumptown Blogger.

The story attached to this video is not a happy one, unfortunately. I certainly hope that she's found some measure of peace and contentment.


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