Monday, April 20, 2015


For fans and enthusiasts of the works of film director Stanley Kubrick, this short piece of film is probably the last piece of film shot by him that we will ever see.

The only exception may be additional footage from his 13 feature films, which may be found some day.

Between his first two features; Fear and Desire and Killer's Kiss, he was hired to shoot some second unit footage for a television docu-drama series Omnibus, called Mr. Lincoln & the Civil War.

The video below includes an excerpt from the Vincent Lobruto biography that provides information to support what footage was chosen for this video.

ADDENDUM (NOV 28, 2015):

As I've noted in the comments section, Youtube has been forced to take down this rarest of Kubrick ephemera. Fortunately, the footage can still be seen on the videos available via Look for "Omnibus: Mr. Lincoln, Parts One and Two".

In the meantime, here's an interview with Norman Lloyd, the episode's director. He has some interesting things to say about Kubrick's time as second unit director. I think every Kubrick fanatic will find it amusing.

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  1. Sorry guys, apparently the owners of the video in question have had Youtube take it down. Interested parties can find the footage by purchasing a copy of Omnibus: Mr. Lincoln, Parts One and Two, available on